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Air Piping (AIRnet)

AIRnet, compressed air piping system

AIRnet is a piping solution that guarantees operational excellence for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other inert gas applications. Available in aluminium and stainless steel.

“The use of AIRnet pipework throughout the factory gives us a leak-free environment. We’ve seen savings right from month one as our energy consumption is much lower.”

For any existing piping network

The piping system can be connected to any existing network and it can be modified easily to meet any changes on the industrial floor. All AIRnet components are easily adjustable and reusable to facilitate future network extensions.

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AIRnet Aluminium is ISO 8573-1 certified

The purity of the compressed air plays a very important role in determining the quality of the end product. ISO 8573-1: 2010 specifies the purity of the compressed air with respect to particles, water and oil, independent of the location in the compressed air system at which the air is measured.

Safe, Solid and Clean

AIRnet Stainless Steel piping system ensures 100% oil free air delivery from the generation to the point of use, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Key Features

  • Chrome-free anodizing ensures no internal pollution, making system corrosion free.
  • The leakage rate is down to zero.
  • Pressure deop reduced to minimal.
  • The system remains clean, protecting all downstream equipments.
  • AIRnet is 100% modular, utilizing recyclable materials and ensuring reusable component parts.
  • 10 year warranty and unique design provides total peace of mind.

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