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PSA oxygen generators

OGP PSA on-site oxygen generator

Why buy oxygen when you can generate your own? Our OGP PSA on-site oxygen generators deliver a high capacity flow at the purity you need. Suitable for a wide range of applications. With Pressure Swing Absorption technology (PSA).

On-site oxygen generation with the OGP

Why rely on a oxygen supply by a third party when you can generate your own? Our OGP provides a reliable supply of high purity oxygen. The oxygen generator’s working principle is based on Pressure Swing Absorption technology (PSA). Zeolite pellets selectively isolate oxygen molecules in compressed air. The OGP oxygen generator is perfectly suited for applications such as: - ozone production - waste water treatment - health care - glass industry.

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Technical specifications


Oxygen outlet flowrate : 1.5 to 203.8 Nm3 / hr

Nitrogen Purity : 90 - 95%

Applications : Waste water treatment, Fermentation, Ozone production, Health care, Glass industry and various other application.


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Wastewater treatment

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Core features

ABOUT PSA oxygen generators

Optimal savings

Atlas Copco’s OGP systems come with minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Generating your own oxygen means you avoid processing, refills and delivery costs.

High purity

The OGP offers from 90% to 95% oxygen purity to meet your quality requirements.

On-site versus delivery

Your OGP system is continuously available on-site. Never again risk a production breakdown due to supply shortages.


The OGP comes ready-to-use. A supply of dry compressed air must be connected.

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