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Energy Recovery

Compressor Energy Recovery systems

Save energy with oil-injected GA or oil-free ZR compressors.

How to turn your compressor into an energy source with compressor heat recovery

Reduce energy consumption, eliminate emissions, save money

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for the industry. It is also one of the largest consumers of energy. Therefore, compressor energy savings have a significant impact on costs and on the environment.

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Saving both costs and the environment

When looking at the typical carbon footprint of an air compressor - from the design phase right through to the equipment’s recycling - the energy consumed in its use accounts for 99% of CO2 emissions.

As energy consumption also typically represents over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost, energy savings in compressed air systems will have a significant impact towards preserving not only the environment but also your bottom line.

While compressed air systems in general account for about 10% of total industrial electricity consumption, this can amount to as much as 40% of the electricity bill for certain plants.

How does compressor heat recovery work?

Up to 94% of the electrical energy is converted into compression heat. Without energy recovery, this heat is lost into the atmosphere via the cooling system and radiation.

You can use hot water recovered from the compressed air system for sanitary purposes and space heating. But it is particularly suitable for process applications. Using the hot water as boiler pre-feed or directly in processes requiring 70 to 90°C can save you costly energy sources such as natural gas and heating oil.

Key Features

  • Allows to reuse the thermal energy in industrial processes.
  • A properly designed heat recovery unit can recover upto 94% of available thermal energy (as low-grade heat) to heat air or water (up to 90C or 140F).
  • Available for 11 kW to 900 kW compressor models.
  • Application : Boiler feed water, Pre-painting, Sterilization in diary, Yarn conditioning in textile etc.

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