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Membrane Nitrogen Generators

NGM and NGM+ membrane nitrogen generators

NGM and NGM+ membrane nitrogen generators to generate your own nitrogen on-site at low operating costs. Using innovative membrane technology, they adapt to your specific applications

Generate your own nitrogen on-site

Why buy nitrogen when you can generate your own? Atlas Copco’s NGM and NGM+ provide a cost-effective, reliable and secure supply of nitrogen. The nitrogen generators’ working principle is based on membrane air separation. The NGM series delivers flows from 5 to 500 Nm3/h and purities from 95% to 99%. Ideal for applications such as: - fire prevention - tire inflation - oil & gas - marine - packaging

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Technical specifications


Nitrogen outlet flowrate : 7.6 to 243 Nm3 / hr

Nitrogen Purity : 95 - 99%

Applications : Food, Beverage, Pharma, Printing, Painting, Textile and various other application.


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General industry

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Food and Beverage

Core features

ABOUT Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Reduce cost

Atlas Copco’s NGM and NGM+ nitrogen generators come with minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Generating your own nitrogen means no more processing, refills and delivery costs.

Nitrogen always available

NGM and NGM+ systems are continuously available. Eliminate the risk of a production breakdown due to running out of gas.

Optimal control

The NGM and NGM+’s electronic monitoring panels decrease downtime, save energy, reduce maintenance requirements and increase production.

95% to 99% purity

The NGM and NGM+ generators offer 95% to 99% nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements.

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