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Oil free air & water cooled rotary tooth & screw compressors

ZR/ZT (VSD/FF) : Industrial state-of-the-art oil-free air compressors 3,5 to 13 bar.

ZR 90-160 VSD +

Meet the latest oil-free rotary screw air compressor that delivers up to 35% energy savings.

Find our more about the energy efficient ZT 90-160 air-cooled oil-free screw compressor.

Volkswagen and Veolia in industrial heat recovery project for local community Veolia Energy Poznań with Volkswagen Poznań have launched a joint project for industrial heat recovery. Energy, heat from industrial processes, is used to supply more than 30 buildings in the district Wilda, including the HCP hospital in Poznań. Thanks to our oil free screw compressors, which are necessary in the foundry of Volkswagen Poznań, this very energy-intensive process (up to 80% of the electricity consumed by the compressor goes into heat energy) is transformed to power the municipal heating system.

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ZR and ZT oil-free compressors up close

With our global installed base, we can make 60 years of innovation and experience in oil-less air technology for you. No matter the conditions, our ZR and ZT produce certified oil-free air that protects all your critical processes and products. The difference? The ZR is water-cooled, the ZT is air-cooled. With pressure levels ranging from 3.5 up to 13 bar, we maximize your energy savings with a choice of rotary tooth or screw technologies.

Full Feature compressor

A compact, all-in-one quality air solution

ZR and ZT rotary screw and tooth oil-free air compressors are available as Full Feature package with:

  • Integrated dryer for reduced installation space
  • Variable speed drive (VSD) to minimize your energy costs.

Technical specifications

ZR / ZT (VSD / FF)

Installed Moter Power : 15 - 900 kW , 20 - 1253 hp

Inlet Pressure : Atmospheric

Working Pressure : 4 - 13 bar (e)

Capacity FAD : 63 - 5206 cfm , 107.64 - 8842 m3/h , 30 - 2460 l/s

Applications : Power, Textile, Food, Automotive, Beverage, Pharma, Steel, Oil and Gas, Paper, OEM.


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Food and beverages

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Medical and health care

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Chemical & Petrochemical

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Power generation

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Core Feature

Solid reliability

Our more than 140 years of experience working with top quality air compressors shows through in the quality of our products. The highest reliability through top quality.

Easy to set up

Only need energy outlet, and you have a source for compressed air. Wheels and handles are included according to model, ensuring high mobility.


With no oil to replace and with the electric motor flanged to the compressor block, maintenance is reduced to the absolute minimum.