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Oil injected piston compressors

Automan AH oil-free piston compressors
(0.75-1.5 kW)

Our range of Automan AH piston compressors offers a compact, mobile and reliable source of compressed air when a smaller amount of compressed air is needed

AH All aluminum oil-free piston compressors

Designed for a variety of applications, our AH series is the ideal choice when light weight, high mobility and smaller amounts of compressed air is sufficient.

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Technical specifications

Automan Cast Iron Piston Compressors

Installed Moter Power : 4 - 11 kW

Inlet Pressure : Atmospheric

Max Working Pressure : 11 bar (e)

Capacity Range : 19 - 50 cfm , 9 - 24 l/s

Applications : Packaging, Cement batching plant, Automotive, OEM.

Core features

ABOUT Oil injected piston compressors

Solid reliability

Our more than 140 years of experience working with top quality air compressors shows through in the quality of our products. The highest reliability through top quality.

Easy to set up

Only need energy outlet, and you have a source for compressed air. Wheels and handles are included according to model, ensuring high mobility.

Low maintenance

With no oil to replace and with the electric motor flanged to the compressor block, maintenance is reduced to the absolute minimum.

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