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Rotary Screw Vacuum pumps with Variable speed Drive

GHS VSD+ screw vacuum pump : A one of its kind technology

Our plug-and-play GHS VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump is like no other. It is providing unparallel energy savings up to 50%.

Clean. Silent. Energy-efficient. All-in-one vacuum pump

The GHS VSD+ oil-sealed rotary screw is an all-in-one vacuum pump that delivers unrivalled energy efficiency with its built-in Variable Speed Drive technology. It is the latest vacuum pump technology on the market and it can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 50% and increase productivity up to 10% compared to traditional installations like liquid ring or vane vacuum pump

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The disruptive oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump technology

Our history might have begun with world leading air compressor products. However, years of development and our desire to provide sustainable productivity solutions to customer have resulted in the GHS VSD+ rotary vacuum pump. The GHS VSD+ is setting the new standard in energy efficiency with Atlas Copco's proven screw technology, in-built VSD, advanced 5th generation microprocessor controller with the unique vacuum set point feature. Our GHS VSD+ screw pump is widely accepted as energy efficient alternative for the traditional rotary pumps and air-ejectors (also called Venturi vacuum generators) for the applications like pick & place, printing, vacuum packaging (like food & meat packaging) and others. Not only can our GHS VSD+ vacuum pump save you up to 50% energy usage, it has significantly lower levels of noise and it commonly offers a payback period of 18 – 24 months.

Technical specifications


Capacity FAD : 350 - 1900 m3/H

Applications : Meat Packaging, CNC routing (wood, metal, plastics), Envelopes and paper converting, Central system fro Canning and bottles, Tobacco and packaging generally, Pick and palce (electronics etc.), Humid applications, Salad cooling, Pipeline drying etc., Lab systems Plastics, Thermo forming Extrusion.

The key features and benefits of GHS VSD+ screw vacuum pump

  • Up to 50% Energy saving potential over the traditional vane, liquid ring vacuum pumps & vacuum generators
  • Atlas Copco’s proven oil-sealed screw technology
  • Capacity ranging from 300 ~ 5000 m3/hr & ultimate vacuum upto 0.35 mbar.a
  • Built-In Variable Speed Drive (VSD) inverter & premium efficiency motor as a standard feature
  • High oil separation efficiency – Cleaner environment
  • Direct coupling drive arrangement - Negligible transmission losses
  • Complete Air-cooled range - Saves water and reduces load on ETP
  • Optional “Turbo variants” for faster pumpdown capabilities & “Humid variants” for high water handling capabilities
  • Vacuum set point feature from the advanced microprocessor based control and monitoring
  • Sound absorbing canopy – No noise pollution
  • No foundation required – No hidden cost
  • High uptime – Low maintenance cost
  • Highly compact foot print

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